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Why Merchant Navy

About Marine Engineering


Marine engineering often refers to the engineering of boats, ships, oil rigs and any other marine vessel or structure, but also encompasses oceanographic engineering. Specifically, marine engineering is the discipline of applying engineering sciences, and can include mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, and computer science, to the development, design, operation and maintenance of watercraft propulsion and also on-board systems and oceanographic technology, not limited to just power and propulsion plants, machinery, piping, automation and control systems etc. for marine vehicles of any kind like surface ships, submarines etc.

Maritime universities are dedicated to teaching and training students in maritime professions. Marine Engineers generally have a bachelor’s degree in marine engineering, marine engineering technology, or marine systems engineering. Practical training is valued by employers alongside the bachelor’s degree.


Why Shipping?

  • 95% of the world trade is carried out by sea.
  • Increased movement of goods by sea due to globalization and traffic has been the solution as the most cost effective means to transport bulk goods safely. This offers vast scope in India to decongest the saturated road and rail, hence growing job opportunities.
  • Industry studies indicate that the demand for Indian officers worldwide is strong and ever growing.

Job Prospects

Marine engineering is one of the top most career choices made by students in India. There are a lot of career opportunities in this field. Opportunities exist for marine engineers, ocean engineers and naval architects in the private, educational, corporate, and governmental sectors. Marine engineering is the most basic profession as far as ships and navigation is concerned. The construction, operations and maintenance of the engine room are the main responsibilities of a marine engineer.

There are lots of job opportunities available in India as well as in abroad countries. The job of marine engineers has broadened with modern development and electronic navigation. Some of the job fields in marine engineering such as environmental protection, offshore oil recovery, marine metals and corrosion, renewable energy, remote sensing, naval architecture, defense, underwater vehicles, global climate monitoring and marine transportation.

  • Pumpman
  • Harbor Master
  • Chief Engineer
  • Third Engineer
  • Fourth Engineer
  • Second Engineer
  • Marine Engineering Officers
  • Junior (Fifth) Engineer
  • Navy Weapon Engineering Officer
career in marine engineering
career in marine engineering
career in marine engineering

career in marine engineering

Remuneration and Benefits: -

Marine engineering is one of the highly rewarding field. Engineer in trainee level can expect income around Rs. 6-8 Lakhs per month. After gaining knowledge and experience one can earn more returns. A marine engineer working for the Indian merchant navy gets a lucrative pay. A merchant navy officer works generally in offshore and also gets the status of an NRI. He usually works in offshore for 6 months. Marine engineering graduates working in abroad can get lucrative income.

  • Income (Tax Free)
  • Independence and responsibility at a young age
  • Quick promotions
  • No expenses whilst on board (High class accommodation and cuisine)
  • Travel around the globe and experience the world
  • Adventure – No two days on the ship are the same
  • Long Vacations - Time to pursue your hobbies
  • Future opportunities to pursue a career ashore of high position and responsibility.